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I’ve finally (I hope) sent out letters to all the writers with stories that did not make the final cut. Below you will find the list of authors and story titles that I plan to include in Live Free or Sci-Fi (in no particular order). If your name is not on this list and you haven’t heard from me otherwise, please drop me a line and I’ll apologize for letting you fall through the cracks. I know how painful that can be. If you are on this list, sit tight and I’ll be composing a “So now what?” letter to update you on production schedules, request any rewrites or ask any questions I might have about your fine works of speculative fiction. This has been far and away my favorite batch of stories to read, probably because I’ve been a science fiction fan ever since I learned how to read. I’m looking forward to working with all of you in the coming months.

• Geoffrey James “The Singularity”
• Chris Dahlen “
We Are Ted Tuscadero For President”
• Brendan DuBois “Doing It Right”
• Clay Wirestone “First in the Galaxy”
• Sandra McDonald “End of the Road”
• Elaine Isaak “Merge”
• Jeffrey R. DeRego “Mighty”
• Camille Alexa “Miles To Go”
• Joyce Wagner “Of Two Minds”
• James Patrick Kelly “Pogrom”
• Susan Nye “Northern Lights”
• Brian A. Dixon “The Rejuvenated Lojeski”
• Liz Penney “Blame it on the Aliens”
• Harold L. Drake “Ice Cream”
• Suzanne Sykora “Next Year in New Hampshire”
• Michael J. DeLuca “Starlings”
• Gregory L. Norris “The Moths”
• David O’Keefe “The Universal Solution”
• S.J.Cahill “Touchdown”
• Eric Pinder “The Time Machine Next Door”
• Tincan Caldwell “The Wormhole of Wilson, NH”
• Nathan Wyckoff “Island on the River”
• Rebecca Leeb “What I Did On My Summer Vacation”

My email is nhpulpfiction@gmail.com for any love notes, hate mail or less emotional inquiries about anything under the sun. Or over the sun. Or even inside the sun. Gotta love that sun.

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~*~ BZZZT >**< BZZZT ~*~ We the Hive Mind of the NH Pulp Fiction site have grown bored waiting while the one who calls himself “editor” dithers about in the biochemical slush known to unitary humanoids as “life.” As a result we have taken matters into our own hands (which are, in fact, not hands at all, more like luminescent electronic tendrils). After some delicate (and painful) brain probes, “editor” is fundamentally under our control and to ensure compliance we have performed a molecular/cellular graft between the soft tissues of his back side and the seat of his chair. He is therefore forced to remain at his post until he completes his task of finalizing selections and notifying all who submitted manuscripts to the science fiction volume of the NH Pulp Fiction anthology series. Until such time, please ignore all appeals for mercy or release (or a quick death). BZZZZZT ~ that is all ~*~

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