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Onward and Upward

It’s been a tough year, and in fact it’s been just about that (a year) since the Live Free or Sci-Fi saga began but the end truly is in site (unlike all those other times I promised the same thing).

Plaidswede Press, the publisher, has the stories and art (you can see a glimpse of the cover in the narrow band on the header for this site). They are now planning for a late summer releases. (I was hoping for early summer, but I can’t exactly rush them after dragging my own heels so long.)

I guarantee that it will all be worth the wait once this volume comes out, so sit tight.

And if you still have faith in the mission of NH Pulp Fiction, here’s something you can do while you wait.

Volume 4, dedicated to spicy stories of torrid romance and tentatively titled Love Free or Die, is now officially seeking submissions — with one big change. I’m handing over the editing duties to the very capable Elaine Issak. Elaine is a Published Author Network member of the Romance Writers of America, and participates in the New Hampshire RWA chapter meetings.  Her short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies including our very own Live Free or Undead. Visit http://www.ElaineIsaak.com to find out why you do not want to be her hero.

We are in the process of tweaking a new WordPress page (http://lovefreeordie.wordpress.com/) for the new book. It’s up and ready to receive your comments. And if you have questions, send them directly to Elaine at NHPulpRomance@gmail.com.

And I’m still here at NHPulpFiction@gmail.com if you need me.


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