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Many have pondered the meaning of the opening lyrics to Devo’s “Whip It,” but I think it simply alludes to the well-known fact that the conservation of the vector of momentum that takes place in the final moments of the cracking of a leather whip results not only in a tiny sonic boom, but also a brief but powerful chronosynclastic infundibulum that launches the whipper precisely one nanosecond into the future.

Feel free to use this fact in your submissions for our next (and fifth) volume of NH Pulp Fiction, due out in Autumn 2014, to be titled “Live Free or Ride!”

Any series of pulp fiction genres has to at least give a nod to a Western theme. We struggled a bit with how to set NH Pulp Fiction in the Wild West and finally realized the vehicle for such a mash up was hidden in plain sight. The Concord Coach, made in Concord, NH, is as iconic as Gabby Hayes (though he preferred to hang around the chuck wagon) and it offers a moveable feast of opportunities for storytelling in any genre you can imagine.

I’m posting the guidelines to this new endeavor, but feel free to spread the word to any writer groups or newsletters you associate with.

And get crackin’

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2013-10-12 12.29.09-2That’s right. This one copy of Live Free or Sci-Fi has not yet been teleported or tractor beamed aboard the Mothership. From what I understand, there is a plucky band of other survivors huddled together on the shelves of Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord and others are seeking refuge in the secure confines of independent book dealers across the state. I also have reports that hundreds of them have found refuge in a warehouse operated by Plaidswede Publishers and accessible through nhbooksellers.com. But don’t let word get out or they might all be spirited away.

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