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WNTK Presents the Pulp

Just had a great interview with WNTK Talk Radio. Thanks Abby Peel! Forgot to mention the reading in Littleton at the Village Book Store and Cafe on January 12 at 3 p.m. so I encourage all WNTK listeners to check it out.

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The excellent NH Public Radio program “Word of Mouth,” hosted by intergalactic priestess of cool Virginia Prescott, broadcast an interview today with the editor of the NH Pulp Fiction series talking about Live Free or Sci-Fi. No problem if you missed it, since they post the show online. Check it out at the friendly attached link.

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Live Free or Sci-Fi will be the featured book on Sunday, Jan. 12 at the Littleton Village Book Store and Cafe at 81 Main St., Littleton. A handful of our pulp fiction authors will be reading there starting at 3 p.m.

Just to prove that quaint Littleton is not immune to the quest-into-the-unknown DIY mindset of pulp fiction, the store is planning a cool event to tie into the current volume:

“Getting into the sci-fi spirit, the Village Bookstore is running a contest: At least one complimentary, and signed, copy of the anthology will be awarded to the most creative–and original−sci-fi-inspired head gear or above-the-shoulder mask to be worn by a patron during this Sunday afternoon reading.”

So, start preparing your headgear and roll out your star charts. Littleton is a bit of a drive for those in the Southern tier, but as one who has made the trip many times with less incentive than this, I can tell you it’s worth it. I call it the Shangri La of NH. Once you get there you won’t want to leave.

*In the event of snow, this program will be scheduled for the following Sunday, January 19.

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