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Not sure when Live Free or Die, Die, Die! will appear in bookstores just yet (soon, I hope) but they can be ordered now through the NH Booksellers site http://www.nhbooksellers.com

Still working on some unusual locations for readings. I’ll have news on this very soon.

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We had about a dozen writers, about 20 listeners and a table full of poets laureate from far-off states in attendance for the very first reading of action-packed, two fisted tales from Live Free or Die, Die, Die! Seemed like everyone had fun on either side of the mic and the book looks great in the limelights.

Most readings we staged last time around were in bookstores and those were good too, but the success of the “pub” readings like this one at the Barley House (and the one on the same occasion last year) makes me think we may be missing our best shot at spreading the gospel of NH pulp fiction. One of my writers, Rob Azevedo, pointed out that the Shaskeen in Manchester and lots of other pubs have stages and spaces set aside where we might draw a small crowd to listen on some night when there isn’t a bar band playing. We’ll approach the Shaskeen first to test the concept, but this could be a good twist in the plot. And with October in the air, maybe we can set up one reading where we feature stories from both LFODDD and the original NH Pulp Fiction anthology, Live Free or Undead.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for such venues (or for regular bookstores who you think would have us), drop me a line.


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Long Overdue Update

Dear Pulpaphiles,

In keeping with the suspenseful theme of the second volume of NH Pulp Fiction, the publication process has been filled with mystery and close calls. Actually, the mystery results mostly from my ignoring this blog and not keeping everyone posted and the close calls are all, similarly, the result of slack performance from yours truly. I guess we know who the villain is in this potboiler. Anyway, there’s a happy ending in sight (or is there, hmmm), as cartons of “Live Free or Die, Die, Die!” are being shipped on Tuesday and should be here just in time for a long-planned reading, Friday Oct. 14, 6 p.m. at the Barley House in Concord.

Those of you who were along for the “Live Free or Undead” ride (which had its own share of cliffhangers and hairpin curves) will recall that this was quite a fun night last year. It’s one of a series of cool events associated with the NH Book Festival, October 9-23, 2011, being staged by the NH Writers Project. There are events in numerous locations around the state, so make it a point to attend one. If you come to the Barley House you can meet the other writers and, if you were snubbed, shoot daggers from your eyes at me and refuse to buy me a drink. Info on the festival can be found at the link below.
For those of you who have been wondering who actually made the cut and got into this edition of NH Pulp Fiction, here’s a list of the chosen few:

Rob Azevedo
Robin Curtis
Jeffrey DeRego
Brendan DuBois
Brian Edmonds
Judith Green
Simon Harling
John Hirtle
Margaret Bobalek King
Rebecca Leeb
Gregory Nicoll
Susan Nye
David O’Keefe
Lorrie Lee O’Neill
Douglas Osterhoudt
Adi Rule
J.E. Seymour
Philip Soletsky
Tom Sweeney
Dan Szczesny

Wish it could be more. There were some great submissions I couldn’t squeeze in. But the Pulp Fiction saga continues with the third volume kicking off now.

The next installment will cover science fiction and related weird tales and is tentatively titled “Live Free or Never Die: Speculative Fiction from the Granite State to the Stars.” I’d like all the submission in by the end of the year, but I’ll post more detailed instructions soon.

What? You doubt my word?

Fine, make ME the bad guy.

-Rick Broussard
Editor of the NH Pulp Fiction Series

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As always, these things take more time and consideration than I have at my disposal, but I’ve narrowed the list of submissions down to the likely suspects. I’ll try to get the first big batch of regrets off tonight and then tinker with the final few.

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So the submission period for Live Free or Die, Die, Die! has officially ended and, with a few stragglers that came in over the weekend (I’m not a stickler), I’m up to 72 manuscripts. That’s about half as many as I received for Live Free or Undead, but my impression is the overall quality is better, and that’s saying something, since there were quite a few great yarns submitted for the first volume of NH Pulp Fiction.

I’m looking forward to the process of reading and ranking what I’ve received and I hope to be done by the end of the month. As soon as I have the list narrowed I’ll begin notifying those who did not make the cut. I may wait to make the final cuts, as I deliberate a bit over the final composition of the book.

Just as was the case with LFOU, the goal is to offer a variety of styles, a variety of themes and a variety of locales around the state. So without sacrificing writing quality or storytelling power, I’ll be trying to be as diverse as I can with the final 20 stories.

Thanks to everyone who wrote something. I wish I could publish them all.


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Thanks, NHPR!

My little interview with Rick Ganley on NHPR Morning Edition today spiked views to this blog page substantially. I’ve been averaging 25 views a day and so far I’m approaching 150 just for today. Hopefully there are some flash fiction writers out there, with the March 31 deadline so close at hand. Anyway, I’m hoping to get deluged with manuscripts over the next couple of weeks.

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New Short Story Anthology of Combines Familiar New Hampshire Locales with the Devious Plots of Pulp Detective Fiction

A new publishing venture will use familiar New Hampshire locations and landmarks as the setting for twisted tales of hardboiled detectives, femme fatales and two-bit thugs in a style inspired by the classic pulp fiction of the early 20th century. “Live Free or Die, Die, Die!: Granite State Murder, Mystery and Mayhem,” will be released by Plaidswede Publishing in the fall of 2011, but editor Rick Broussard wants to get the investigation started now. He’s seeking submissions for his anthology, and he’s offering local writers a chilling challenge.

“All the best detective fiction is endowed with a sense of place,” says Broussard, “Think about Robert B. Parker’s “Spencer” books, based in Boston, or Raymond Chandler’s tales of Los Angeles crime. I want writers to use New Hampshire like that.”  As encouragement, he’s offering the book’s title, “Live Free or Die, Die, Die!” to be affixed to the one mystery tale that creates the most immortal characters, either criminal mastermind or plucky private eye. “I think New Hampshire deserves its own Philip Marlowe,” says Broussard.

Writers need to get busy. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2011. Anyone, whether a seasoned author or a new talent, is invited to submit a story of less than 8,000 words, but with three requirements: “It’s got to be set in New Hampshire and it’s got to be have that special atmosphere you find only here,” says Broussard, “Oh, and it ought to have a mystery.”

All entries will be considered but the editor and publisher reserve the right to select the one that will appear in print. Other efforts may be posted on the NHPulpFiction.com Web site with the authors’ permission.

The mystery anthology is the second is a series of collections of short stories to known as the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction series. The first anthology, “Live Free or Undead: Dark Tales from the Granite State,” was published by Plaidswede Publishing last fall and is available at most N.H. book sellers and from nhbooksellers.com. Volumes featuring science fiction and historical romance are planned as well. Stories featured in the series will be written mostly by New Hampshire authors but they will always be embedded firmly in the Granite State.

“The state is rich with fascinating lore and compelling locales,” says Broussard. “With our combination of deep, rugged nature and fast-growing urban complexes, any writer seeking a setting for fiction can find ample inspiration here.”

Submissions should be sent to Rick Broussard at nhpulpfiction@gmail.com.

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